Combining social, environmental and economic performance is the commitment that the Briand Group shares with its employees, customers and partners
Vision 2021 - 2024

Objective : Combining performance and sustainable construction

Faced with societal and climate challenges, the building sector, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, must change its ways. Our aim is to prepare the construction of tomorrow and to offer our employees a motivating company project.

To develop this project, we interviewed customers and stakeholders, and then refined our priorities with all the entities. The result of this collaborative work is our vision for 2024: to combine performance and sustainable construction.

To reach this goal, we rely on 3 core commitments:

Towards renewed excellence
We are developing our technical and operational expertise in a continuous improvement process. We anticipate expectations and new uses in order to bring more added value to our customers.

Towards strong local and human roots
Our teams, customers and partners are at the heart of everything we do and the #EtreBriand values we live by every day.

Towards responsible and low-carbon construction
Aware of the environmental impact of the building sector, we are stepping up our efforts and investing in research and development to offer ever more innovative and efficient solutions, geared towards circular and carbon-free construction.


Innovation for sustainable construction




Innovation is at the heart of our project to “Build better, together, by combining performance and sustainable construction” to meet the challenges of our customers, society and territories.The innovations we develop internally with dedicated teams and external partners allow us to integrate new trends and uses, to work to constantly update our technical and operational expertise and to propose solutions to the challenges of responsible and low-carbon construction.

A practical internal dynamic:


Raising awareness amongst our employees of the challenges of responsible construction with the creation of educational tools
Development of a Life Cycle Analysis calculation software to inform our customers of the carbon footprint of our offering
Development of an off-site construction facility allowing dismantlable, reversible and more circular solutions
Increased re-use of timber frames
R&D investment in increasingly optimised structural design tools

Our CSR commitments

The BRIAND Group’s CSR policy reflects the dynamic
and the commitment within all the teams of the
group regarding our social responsibility towards
people, the environment and the territories.

Our CSR policy is a straightforward and clear embodiment of our aim to build better, together.

The direction for 2021-2024 highlights a clear ambition to change the way we build. The CSR policy specifies the associated commitments and objectives.

Beyond the standard framework, our CSR policy is a further framework for setting the group in motion and expressing to our partners and clients the processes that are implemented in each of the group’s companies in order that our social responsibility comes alive and gives meaning to each individual.

It brings together all of the approaches invested in around 4 main areas.


‌Governance and sustainable relationships with our ecosystem

Our objectives :

  1. 1. Ensuring open governance by combining performance and sustainable construction
  2. 2. Committing to long-term relationships with our ecosystem
  3. 3.Ensuring fair practices and business ethics
‌Respect and support for people

Our objectives :

  1. 1. Growing and helping people grow in the service of the shared project and performance
  2. 2. Strengthening the health and safety of employees
  3. 3. Developing the quality of life at work
  4. 4. Ensuring respect for fundamental rights
Innovation and sustainable construction

Our objectives :

  1. 1. Promote the circular and low-carbon economy in the design of our offerings
  2. 2. Reducing our environmental impact during the construction phase
Economic and local development

Our objectives :

  1. 1. Contributing to and facilitating access to employment
  2. 2. Contribute to the economic development and life in the territories in which it operates