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Car parks and Mobilities

BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities offers ever more innovative multi-storey parking solutions, adapted to the actual issues and the future challenges.

The French leader
in the construction of
multi-storey car parks

With more than 40,000 parking spaces built, BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities  is now the leader in the construction of silo car parks (well-ventilated car parks) in France.  

Designer of high-rise parking solutions, BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities  is the only company to offer a complete range of multi-storey parking options, manufactured in our factories throughout France.

We share this speciality with our customers every day, so that they can benefit from our unique expertise on the market, with solutions that are ever more sustainable, economical and personalised.


‌Our approach

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Car parks suited to our times

Connected to the world, the BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities silo car parks are resolutely focused on the comfort and safety of users.

  • Wide spans between posts for smooth traffic flow
  • Light and airy spaces providing a serene environment
  • Technologies that benefit the user
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Integration adapted to its environment

In cooperation with the architects, our facades create a link between a functional structure and its environment.

The user experience continues inside with a unique visual identity.

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100% tailor-made support

From the determination of your needs to the delivery of the turnkey project, a single local contact provides you with an appropriate response in line with your organisation.

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Streamlined parking solutions

The industrialisation of our processes mean that we are fully involved in an off-site construction process that guarantees the best balance between cost, quality and deadlines.

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The climate challenge at the heart of our solutions

Multi-materials (wood, steel, concrete), simple construction methods, and recyclable, reversible, dismantlable solutions. All BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities solutions are resolutely geared towards greater responsibility.

More economical, up to complete autonomy through the use of solar panels, designed for new modes of transport and with a reduced carbon impact, we are building tomorrow’s society now.

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Choosing BRIAND Car parks and Mobilities  is the assurance of a 100% French response:

  • In-house control of all fire studies and engineering
  • Production in our factories throughout France
  • Assembly by our specialised workers

Your needs
our projects


From simple to complex parking solutions to suit your needs.


A comprehensive offering to meet
all your car parks and mobilities 

The Reversible: reversible and reusable


A new construction process in support of the circular economy, the Reversible allows, thanks to its components being manufactured 100% off-site, a total dismantling or reversibility of the initial structure.

Its digital design from standard modules saves a lot of time in studies and its off-site construction mode allows quick construction schedules of around 100 places per month.

Our multi-storey car parks thus combine a real range of materials, of which the constituent elements are traced to encourage reuse in future structures, whether they are used for car parks or business buildings. Designed to last a minimum of 50 years, these silo carparks can have several lives.

With a view to controlling our impact in terms of transport, BRIAND Parkings et Mobilités relies on all the industrial sites spread throughout France to produce Made In France products as close as possible to the clients.

The Efficient


This parking proposal offers the best cost/quality/time ratio. The dimensions of the structure are standardised to allow for a normalisation of the structure, while retaining architectural freedom on the roofing and cladding (customisable facades) and on the interior equipment and finishing touches.

The standard offer is aimed at customers who want an optimised structure that can be integrated into the architecture.

The Exclusive


This parking offer is adapted to all customer needs and urban constraints. It is both a “mobility structure”, integrating a range of connected multi-modal services (electric charging station, bicycle park, car sharing, parcel relay, concierge service). It is also a multi-purpose structure, including shops, offices, sports facilities, etc. Finally, it is a “resource-generating structure” (energy autonomy thanks to photovoltaic systems, urban market gardening, rainwater recovery), for a more sustainable and integrated vision of parking in our cities. The interior and exterior design can be fully customised, as the structure is made to measure by our teams.

This unique offer is aimed at all customers who want a designer car park that is sustainable, geared towards new uses, and with strong architectural ambitions.

Advantages : ‌Adaptable, aesthetic, multi-service

The pop’up : modular and dismantlable silo parking


Park’Up® is a standardised, pre-built and pre-dimensioned silo parking system.

This innovative construction process makes it possible to install multi-storey car parks in a perfectly controlled and short timeframe.

It requires no preliminary studies or foundations, and is being installed at a rate of 100 new spaces per week.

The Park’Up concept is simple: a system of standardised, pre-constructed mixed steel-concrete modules, which make it possible to create a fully reusable silo car park available for sale or rent, in previously unimaginable timescales.


By your side

Our teams operate throughout France.We operate through a local territorial network with the help of the group’s specialised entities in order to provide service and responsiveness to our clients.

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