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Wood, naturally

Naturally oriented towards low-carbon and bio-sourced construction, BRIAND Bois is an adaptable provider in wood construction.

BRIAND Bois combines more than 60 years of historic expertise in laminated timber framing with recognised industrial expertise to design, manufacture and build structures, roofing and cladding, and facades for buildings of all sizes, including industrial, logistics, commercial, service and functional buildings (sports facilities, schools, etc.)

BRIAND Bois manages the engineering of its structures internally with an integrated design office whose expertise enables us to envisage reliable, safe and innovative solutions for all your construction projects.

In association with the group’s metal or concrete providers, BRIAND Bois offers mixed construction solutions where the right material is used in the right place, while respecting the constraints of the construction, while being completely impartial. This mixed constructive approach allows for an alternative, optimised and integrated offering.

As a designer, builder and manufacturer, BRIAND Bois brings together

  • a design office of 25 engineers in charge of projects and draughtsmen for tailored support of your project
  • two modern, automated manufacturing plants specialising in the production of laminated wood beams up to 50 metres long and the industrial production of timber frame walls
  • assembly teams able to respond throughout the country


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‌Timber frame wall
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Laminated timber framing
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Wooden facade

Our approach to sustainable construction

construction durable
Optimisation of structures to reduce the amount of material
Practical reversible building solutions designed for reuse
Metal, wood, concrete: the right material in the right place for more energy efficiency.
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Wide use of prefabrication for more circularity in our constructions
batiment circualaire
Numerous success stories in the renovation of structures
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Project life cycle analysis integrated into the price offer
of laminated wood/year
of assembled timber frame walls

Your needs
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From the simplest to the most complex designs

BRIAND Bois showcases its expertise on all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, for buildings in the industrial, logistics, tertiary sectors, or for functional works, etc.


Briand Bois certifications

  • CE Marking
  • Acerbois Glulam
  • Qualibat 2343 superior technicality
  • Qualibat 2313 
  • Qualibat 2362 
  • Qualibat 2382

By your side

With our base in the Loire region, the BRIAND Bois teams can accompany you throughout the country.

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