A century of experience

With over 100 years of experience, BRIAND Construction is a highly technical general contractor in the structural and civil engineering trades.

BRIAND Construction adapts its methods to the needs of the project and thus responds to the needs of the building’s roofing and cladding, of all the trades and of the design process, for an all-round approach to construction.

BRIAND Construction is also able to offer its expertise in macro-structures, which is complementary to metal and wood.

BRIAND Construction carries out simple or complex works with renowned architects for the industrial, commercial, tertiary, housing, education, health and cultural sectors.

With its long experience, BRIAND Construction meets all the needs of its clients in terms of foundations, infrastructure and superstructure, building extensions, refurbishment and raising structures.

BRIAND Construction has a factory dedicated to the prefabrication of specific concrete structures of particular shapes. It is a real asset that offers autonomy, customisation and optimisation of the time needed to complete your project. The use of prefabricated concrete components allows BRIAND Construction to optimise the duration of its building sites while delivering high quality constructions with guaranteed deadlines, costs and technical quality.

BRIAND Construction is:

  • An integrated design office with 10 design engineers and technicians,
  • Experienced teams in construction and project management,
  • A team of over 100 site supervisors and journeymen working mainly in the west of France and the Ile de France region,
  • A substantial fleet of equipment that is renewed every year.

Our approach to sustainable construction

construction durable
Optimisation of structures to reduce the amount of material
Practical reversible building solutions designed for reuse
Metal, wood, concrete: the right material in the right place for more energy efficiency
usine picto_Plan de travail 1
Wide use of prefabrication for more circularity in our constructions
batiment circualaire
Numerous success stories in the renovation of structures
analyse cycle vie - picto
Project life cycle analysis integrated into the price offer
years of experience

Your needs
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From the simplest to the most complex designs

BRIAND Construction showcases its expertise on all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, as a general contractor for structural work and civil engineering for industrial and tertiary buildings or functional works.


Briand Construction certifications

  • Qualibat 2113
  • Qualibat 2121
  • Qualibat 2132
  • Qualibat 2212
  • Qualibat Quality control with General Contractor role
  • Qualibat Environmental system Environmental commitment

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